Botanic spring tour

In the day program, as much as possible will be robotized (that’s what you come up with). And of course photographing. In addition to tulips, you will also see many other plants that bloom in sufficient heat: Tulipa dasystemon, Tulipa zenaidae, Tulipa anadroma and Tulipa tetraphylla. We also botanize on the road and stop the bus when there is something to see.

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Day 1, 29 April

♦ 30 km ♦ 30 min ♦ Hotel Bishkek
We pick you up from the airport Manas and take you to a hotel in Bishkek. In the afternoon we pay a visit to the city and the botanical garden. Here a collection of plants from Kyrgyzstan.

Day 2, 30 April

♦ 190 km ♦ 3.5 h ♦ Guesthouse Chon-Kemin
In the morning after breakfast we leave for the Kegeti valley. Then the Burana toren in a special place. A ruin of a city of the Karakhanids. We drive to Karool-Dobo in the Chon-Kemin valley that borders Kazakhstan. Picea schrenkiana, Abies siberica, Juniperus sabina, Eremurus cristatus, E. fuscus, Tulipa zenaideae and other tulips.

Day 3, 1 May

♦ Guesthouse Chon-Kemin
In the morning we leave for the slopes south of the village. Here we botanise along the river. Adonis turkestanica, Gagea spec., Paeonia intermedia, Primula algida, Tulipa zenaidae, Colchicum luteum, Ligularia spec., Rosa kokanica, and Allium species. In the afternoon we drive a bit further and higher into a small lake. We walk up the gentle slopes. Ferula, Aconitum, Ligularia, Euphorbia, Corydalis, Primula algida. Many flowering fruit trees and shrubs.

Day 4, 2 May

♦ 265 km ♦ 5.5 h ♦ Guest family Kyzyl-Oi
In the morning we leave for a scenically varied journey. First along the Issyk-Kul lake we turn off into the mountains to Kochkor, a lively place. We continue via the Kyzart pass to Kyzyl-Oi. On the way we botanize in interesting places.

Day 5, 3 May

♦ Guest family Kyzyl-Oi
We will be planting along the river Kokomeren. Many tulips and beautiful scenery.

Day 6, 4 May

♦ 426 km ♦ 8 h ♦ Guesthouse Sary-Chelek
Today we leave for Sary-Chelek. A route through the valley of the Suusamyr river, over the road from Bishkek to Osh. We pass two passes and then turn off, into the Chatkal massif, to Sary-Chelek. We see birds of prey and botanise. Colchicum and tulips.

Day 7, 5 May

♦ Guesthouse Sary-Chelek
We will botanize at the lakes of Sary-Chelek. This is really a highlight of the trip. Flowers everywhere! Flowering cherries, apples and walnut trees. Tulipa, Paeonia, Iris, Eremurus and many others, especially screen flowers.

Day 8, 6 May

♦ Guest family Sary-Chelek
We visit the Sary-Chelek park again today to take a nice walk in one of the other parts of the park.

Day 9, 7 May

♦ 225 km ♦ 5 hours ♦ guest family Arslanbob
We leave this morning from the Fergana massif and head south towards Osh. Halfway we exit the valley of the Kara-Unkur valley. We drive up to Arslanbob. Arslanbob is different. Much more Islam clothing; many Uzbeks live here. It is an area with old walnut trees. In the evening walk through the village.

Day 10, 8 May

♦ guest family Arslanbob
In the beautiful surroundings of Arslanbob we go to the top of the valley to botanize with picnic. Here we find fields with Eremurus (also E. robustus), Salvia deserta, Tulipa ferganica, Salvia sclarea, Lindelofia macrostyla, Ligularia thomsonii, Euphorbia lamprocarpa, Astragalus and various flowering shrubs.

Day 11, 9 May

♦ 110 km ♦ 3 hours ♦ guest family Kyrgyz-Ata
Today we continue in the direction of the south. On the way we visit the minaret and the mausoleum in Uzgen. Then we drive to a special nature reserve that borders with Tajikistan and the Pamir Mountains: the Kyrgyz-Ata. In addition to a wealth of flowers, many birds can be observed here. You will also find other plants than in the Fergana Valley. Spring is more advanced.

Day 12, 10 May

♦ guest family Kyrgyz-Ata
We will botanize all day and walk in the valley of the Kyrgyz-Ata and will find different plants. Fritillaria, Iris, Gagea, Rosa kokanica, Allium atrosanguineum, Trollius spec., Astragalus spec. Berberis, Cerastium. It is a beautiful walking environment.

Day 13, 11 May

♦ 47 km ♦ 1.5 hours ♦ hotel Osh
After a nice breakfast we drive back to Osh, Osh is a culturally important city. Border city of many influences that fought for power in Central Asia, including Alexander the Great. There is a lively market (Jayma Bazaar) and the very impressive mountain Sulayman (Salomon’s throne).

Day 14, 12 May

♦ 45 min flight ♦ hotel Bishkek
In the morning you fly back to Bishkek and in the afternoon you still have time to walk in Bishkek and buy souvenirs.

Day 15, 13 May

♦ 30 km ♦ 30 min
This day we bring you (very early) to the airport Manas.


29 Apr 2019 to 13 May 2019   |   15 days

€ 1340,- per person (min. 3 participants)

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