frequently asked questions

Books of your trip

The period from early June to mid September is the best travel time. The weather is constant and warm during this time. The mountain passes are usually snow-free. In Bishkek and Osh, temperatures may rise to 40 °C in warm months, in the mountains it is usually around 25 °C.
The trip is guaranteed when at least 3 participants have enrolled. With a registration of 2 participants, the trip can be guaranteed, but there is an additional allowance for the total price per participant. No later than 6 weeks before commencement of the trip, they will be cancelled if the application is too low. We request that you book the flight ticket after the trip is guaranteed. We are not responsible for the cost of a flight when the trip is cancelled when we have not guaranteed the trip 6 weeks prior to commencement of the trip.
The deposit (15% of the booking fee) must be made after 14 days of receipt of the booking form and agree to the program. The remaining amount must be credited to our Dutch bank account no later than 6 weeks before departure of your trip. Upon cancellation of our tour we will return the paid travel fee.
The trip can be extended both before and after the trip if you agree with the program and the additional costs.
You must cancel the trip by sending an email in writing. We would like to hear the reason for this.The trip can be cancelled, but the following fees will be charged.A) If cancelled from 56 days before the estimated date of arrival, 15% of the amount.B) If cancelled from 56 to 28 days before the expected date of arrival, 50% of the amount.C) If cancelled from 28 to 14 days before the planned arrival date 75% of the amount.D) If cancelled up to 14 days before date of arrival, 100% of the amount.
You are responsible to make sure you have adequate and correct insurance for the type of holiday you undertake.  Always read the small print of the policy to ensure you are properly covered for all the activities you expect to take part in. We are not liable for any bodily or mental injury. We will do our best to assist you in taking you to a doctor or hospital.
The booking can be changed, but the current booking will be considered a cancellation. Change to the existing program, which incur extra costs will be charged to you.How do I proceed when arriving at the airport or at the border crossing?At the airport or at the border crossing, our guide is waiting for you in the lobby or at the Kyrgyz border with a nameplate in his/her hands with your name printed on it.
You will receive a payment form from us after the deposit has been made, this is the confirmation of the trip.
The minimum number of participants for a group tour is 3 persons. We strive to fulfil any published tour. In case of cancellation of other participants, we will do our best to provide you with a good alternative.

Flights and tickets

We are not responsible for booking your own airline ticket. An airline ticket can be booked at a travel agency or by internet.
Aeroflot Airlines, stop Moscow.
Pegasus Airlines (budget), stopover via Istanbul
Turkish Airlines, stopover via Istanbul
For a 2 stop flight over Russia you need a visa! So book a 1 stop flight.
You are responsible for correcting the error.
The amount of luggage you can take depends on the airline. The following rules is often used on economic class.

Aeroflot Airlines, 23 kg main baggage and 10 kg hand luggage
Pegasus Airlines, 20 kg main baggage and 8 kg hand luggage
Turkish Airlines, 23 kg main baggage and 10 kg hand luggage

Preparation for the trip

For most people, like Europeans do not need a visa but it is always the best policy to check in advance.  A passport valid is required and it MUST be valid for 6 months after the end date of your tour and has a minimum of 2 blank pages.

•   European Union / EFTA citizens except Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania  •   Australia  •   Bahrain  •   Bosnia and Herzegovina  •   Brunei  •   Canada  •   Kuwait  •   Monaco  •   New Zealand   •   Qatar  •   Saudi Arabia  •   Singapore  •   South Korea  •   United Arab Emirates  •   United States  •   Uzbekistan  •    Vatican City

You should go to a health service in your country to obtain the necessary vaccinations for Kyrgyzstan.
Take enough medicines and ask your pharmacy for a KNMP travel document for you. Keep this document in your hand luggage. If you use strong medicines that may be covered by the Opium Act, please ask for advice from your government.
Bringing a summer sleeping bag is recommended, the nights can be cold. The blankets in the yurts do not close well around you, which can cause draught. If taking part of a multi-day horse or hiking trip, then bring a good sleeping bag with you.
If taking part in a multi-day horse or hiking trip, then bring a sleeping mat.
You do not have to bring a tent, we take care of it.
The sun is strong in Kyrgyzstan, bring with you head protection, sunglasses and sunscreen.
You can bring your own hygiene products with you if you wish.
The women are free to go swimming in bikini.
Women can move freely here in normal clothes, in the churches and mosques there is clothing available to cover yourself. 


  • Take extra batteries for your electronic devices. The power supply is 220V and European plugs are used here.
  • Have respect for Kyrgyz and Russian culture.
  • Do not dispose trash outside the trash can.
  • Bring undamaged Euro notes of € 50 with you to exchange here or a VISA card.
  • Bring good walking shoes and rainwear.