Your data

The information you provide to us, such as your name, contact details, copy passport, medical data and special needs, restrictions, and dietary wishes, including information from other persons you give to your fellow travelers, is for our administration only. Your data is handled with care and is not available to third parties. You must ensure that the other members of your group are aware of the content of our privacy policy and agree that you act on their behalf in your communication with us. We process your data whenever possible, so that they are precise, accurate and complete.

Use your data

The data is used to provide you a good service , like booking a domestic flight and a good holiday. Your data may be requested and processed by the Kyrgyz Government in the context of border control, immigration, security, anti-terrorism and other purposes deemed appropriate.

Medical emergency

In case of a medical emergency, we will pass on your medical information to the treated doctor so that he or she can treat you as well as possible.

"Andre was both knowledgeable guide and gracious host as I toured the region of Lake Issykul with for several days."