Botanic summer tour

In the summer trip, the alpine flora is central. Because the snow (sometimes straight) is gone, we can climb into the valleys. Alpine plants grow in a short time and bloom very lush. Wonderful to take pictures! Every year, it is a surprise to see which plants we see, but there are many, many.

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Day 1, 10 June

♦ 30 km ♦ 30 min ♦ Hotel Bishkek
We will pick you up from Manas airport and bring you to a hotel in Bishkek. In the afternoon we visit the city and the botanical garden.

Day 2, 11 June

♦ 190 km ♦ 3.5 hours ♦ Guesthouse Chon-Kemin
In the morning after breakfast we leave the Kegeti Valley. We drive to Burana Tower. Here is an old city of the Karachanids. We drive to the Chon-Kemin valley. The valley borders Kazakhstan. Picea schrenkiana, Juniperus sabina, Eremurus fuscus, Berberis sphaerocarpa.

Day 3, 12 June

♦ Guesthouse Chon-Kemin
In the morning we leave the slopes south of the village. Here we plant botanizing. In the afternoon we continue to the valley to the green lake. Nice place for botanizing. Adonis turkestanica, Gagea spec., Salvia stepposa, Echium vulgare, Ligularia spec., Aconitum, Rosa alberti, Allium spec. and the special Linum Olgae.

Day 4, 13 June

♦ 190 km ♦ 3.5 hours ♦ Yurt Lodge Gregorevka
On this day we drive along the Issyk-Kul lake to Gregor Evka. We drive through the Boom Gorge, where the river Chui accelerates. We will Botanize where possible. We pass Balykchy. We drive on a typical street built by the Russians with papules. To the left is the Ala Too Kungey Mountain and the right side of the lake. We will botanize on the way. We stop at Cholpon-Ata and visit the Open Air Petroglyphs Museum.

Day 5, 14 June

♦ Yurt Lodge Gregorevka
The Gregory Evka Gorge is very special and varied. Through a narrow ravine whose walls are covered with pines, we reach the higher meadows with three lakes where we will botanize. We go back through the Semyenovka gorge. Kaufmannia brachyanthera, Hepatica falconeri, Gagea egg cells, Primula algida, Astragalus (various species), Iris, Ixiolirion tataricum. There are birds of prey and ground squirrels in this area.

Day 6, 15 June

♦ 160 km ♦ 3 hours ♦ Guesthouse Riverside Karakol
Karkara is a river valley with a pass. It is an area that is known for the flowers. We will botanize here in different places; Aconitum leucostomum, Anemonastrum protractum, Atragene sibirica, Erigeron aurantiacus, Goniolimon orthocladum, Inula rhizocephala, Iris brevi tuba, Codonopsis clematidea, Rhodiola coccinea. At the end of the afternoon we drive to Karakol.

Day 7, 16 June

♦ Guest house Riverside Karakol
Early in the morning we visit the animal bazaar. After that we have breakfast and then we visit the Russian Orthodox Church, Dungan Mosque, Przhewalski Monument. In the afternoon, we botanize into the Aksu Valley or the Arashan Valley.

Day 8, 17 June

♦ Guest house Riverside Karakol
Today we drive to a high pass (3822m), the Chon-Ashuu Pass. We follow the river and continue to the Sary-Jaz Valley, where plants come from another vegetation zone. Algida gentiana, Gentiana kaufmanniana, Semenovia transiliensis, Poppy tianschanicum, Dracocephalum imberbe, Ranunculus transiliensis, Swertia marginata, Gastrolychnis apetala.

Day 9, 18 June

♦ Guest house Riverside Karakol
We enter the national park and are dropped off at the bridge over the Karakol. From here we will botanize in the valley with a picnic.

Day 10, 19 June

♦ Guest house Riverside Karakol
The valley is bordered by a series of mountains of red sandstone; the seven cops. We drive on until the valley narrows, right is the Summer pasture Kok Jayik where the yurts are in the summer. We will botanize here and along the river. Echium vulgare, Hedysarum sp., Astragalus spec., Dictamnus albus, Linum altaicum, Ligularia grandi, Codonopsis clematidea and Aquilegia atrovinosa.

Day 11, 20 June

♦ 160 km ♦ 3 hours ♦ Yurt Tort-Kul
We are leaving Karakol now. We drive the coastal road and drive towards Barskoon. Here we turn to Kara Say. We drive towards the mountains, the Terskey Ala-Too. We will take the same way back. For Bokonbeavo we turn left into the Skazka valley. Edelweiss, Sausurea gnaphalodes, Lagotis spec. Allium semenovii, Oxygraphis glacialis, Ranunculus alberti.

Day 12, 20 June

♦ Yurt Tort-Kul
We spent the night in the vast valley of the Tong south of Bokanbaevo. Behind the valley we see the mountains of Teskey Ala Too. When we arrive, we take a short walk. The grasslands are full of alpine flowers such as edelweiss, mountain centers, phlomis, marsh leaves, ligularia and many gentians. They can be bototized in different places.

Day 13, 22 June

♦ 300 km ♦ 5 hours ♦ Hotel Bishkek
We drive a narrow road to Kyzyl-Tuu, from there we drive north along the lake. On the way we stop, Botanize; Androsace pavlovskyi, Rosary tadzhikistana, Scutellaria przewalskii, Acantholimon alatavicum and along the lake Goniolimon callicolum.

Day 14, 23 June

♦ Hotel Bishkek
Today we visit the Osh Bazaar and have time to visit the city.

Day 15, 24 June

♦ 30 km ♦ 30 min
Early in the morning, we will return you to the Airport Manas for your outgoing flight.


10 Jun 2019 to 24 Jun 2019   |   15 days

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