Horse riding in Terskey Ala Too

Trip schedule:Bishkek – Tosor – Karakol – Bishkek
Travel time: 15 days
Total distance: 1015 km
Highest altitude: 4000 m
Accommodations: hotel, homestay and tent
Month: June – September
Travel price: € 1360 p.p.(4 people), € 1650 p.p.(3 people), € 2040 p.p.(2 people)
Included: All excursion (sightseeing, walking, horse riding, tent), transportation, entrée fees, all meals and guide
Flights: Not included

The 15 day tour begins in Bishkek and goes around the Issyk-Kul Lake. On the south side of the lake you will have a 10 day of horse ride. The adventure takes you through the mountains by horse which is an experience in itself. You spend the night in tents and take your own luggage in your saddlebags on your horse.

It is an alternate tour through the mountains, where you can enjoy the rugged landscape. The route runs along rivers and snowy mountain peaks. In the canyons, you meet shepherd’s, who live here in yurts or tents. You will learn about their habitats and the way they live here.

* All meals are included

Day 1

♦ 30 km ♦ 30 min ♦ Hotel Bishkek
Arrival Bishkek and transfer to the hotel. Here you can rest and have breakfast. Later you have a laid-back sightseeing tour of Bishkek. You visit the Ala Too Square, the Imagery Museum, Oak Park and the Osh bazar.

Day 2

♦ 300 km ♦ 4.5 h ♦ Guesthouse Tosor
You have a transfer to Tosor, a small village located on the south side of Issyk-Kul Lake. Shortly before reaching Tosor, you visit Skazka, a small mountain range with a lot of erosion of red, white and yellow rocks. The beautiful shapes will fascinate your imagination

Day 3-6

♦ 6-7 h ♦ Tent
You start your 10 day horse expedition today. After a brief explanation of the trek, take your own luggage and put it in the saddlebags on your horse. A guide and a chef will guide you the whole route. On average, you ride for 6-7 hours a day. The first 3 days ride is over the summer pastures, located in the mountains along Issyk-Kul lake. On the way you will meet different shepherds who live here during the summer.

Day 7

♦ 6-7 h ♦ Tent
You continue in the mountains along the Saruu River, a laid back road. Along the way you will find a red rock with a lot of erosion, the shapes give a beautiful image.

Day 8

♦ 6-7 h ♦ Tent
The route continues along the Djuuku River, which flows through a beautiful valley. At the end of the day you descend along the river that flows into the Barskoon River. The last part is a strong descent, where you may have to get off the horse. You are now on the main road leading to the Kumtor Gold Mine. This is the largest gold mine in Kyrgyzstan, located on a 4000m high mountain plateau. The road is an old side road to China that goes over the Bedel Pass reaching 4284m.

Day 9

♦ 6-7 h ♦ Tent
After passing the Sary-Moinok Mountain Pass at 3745m, leave the big road and ride right into the narrow Kerege Tash Valley where you are now rising in altitude. Arrived at the mountain lake, Chunkur-Kol (3673m) The tent is set up and you can enjoy the open countryside surrounded by mountain peaks of everlasting snow. Along the lake, some shepherds live in their yard with their cattle.

Day 10

♦ 6-7 h ♦ Tent
Today you continue on the high plains towards the Tosor Pass (3893m), immediately after the Pass, you have poured into a small lake with magnificent views of the everlasting snow. You ride further down towards Issyk-Kul Lake where you stay overnight.

Day 11

♦ 6-7 h ♦ Tent
You ride further down arriving on the summer pasture, pitch your tent for the last night, where you enjoy a delicious meal.

Day 12

♦ 6-7 h ♦ 100 km ♦ 1.5 h ♦ Guesthouse  Riverside Karakol
The route continues down towards Tosor, which becomes the end of the 10 day horse-riding adventure. In the afternoon you will continue to Karakol by car.

Day 13

♦ Guesthouse Riverside Karakol
Today you have a sightseeing tour of Karakol, you visit the old Dunganen Mosque, the Russian Orthodox Church and the bazaar.

Day 14

♦ 425 km ♦ 6.5 h ♦ Hotel Bishkek
The trip goes back to Bishkek, on the way you visit the Burana Tower, an old Minaret from the 9th to 11th Century. Here is also a Turkish Cemetery with graceful tombstones (called Bali Ball) which is an impressive sight.  There is also the small museum with archaeological finds that is worth a visit.

Day 15

♦ 30 km ♦ 30 min
In the morning you will be taken to Manas Airport for your outbound flight.


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